Monday, February 7, 2011

Jazzercise (Another phase? Or, the lifetime change I need?)

So since the start of 2011 I have stuck to working out 3 times a week at my local ymca. However, I found myself doing the same 40 minute routine each time I went. Therefore, I was getting bored and beginning to find excuses to not hit the gym.

Anyway, last month I saw an add for Jazzercise and really wante to try it, but was scared that I'd be the only beginner and that it would mostly be full of stuck up b****'s. Needless to say, I went to night and I was surprisingly/happily wrong. It was an hour class (which is longer than I have ever done!) and it was fun! The instructor was so welcoming and complimented me before I left. I signed a year membership, so I am hoping I don't get bored and I hope I finally found something I love. I used to dance jazz as a child, so I think it will be exciting to learn new rountines and while losing weight.

Ill keep you updated on my progress... :)

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  1. Hey! Good for you! It always helps when you are doing something you love.