Monday, January 17, 2011

I am going to be an aunt... TOMORROW!

Although I created this journal to tackle my weight loss goal, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to add personal items in here as well. :)
Well tomorrow is the big day for my sister and best friend, she is going to become a first time mommy. YAY! That makes me an aunt. (In case you didn't already figure that out, ha)
They are inducing her in the morning, so I will go to work tomorrow then go down early Wednesday morning. I am taking Wed and Thurs off to be with my little nephew.
How hard is it to take two days off being a teacher? Pretty stressful...
I have to plan every second of the day out for my sub, and add on a list of "could happen" "will happen" scenarios and "what to do...."

So how will I triumph this and still be consistent with my workouts... Here is my plan:

Monday- Day off for MLK day, whoop!! I am going to my first cycling class 4:30-5:50
Tuesday- Work, then hitting the gym for my usual 40 minute routine. Then, going to babysit for some extra cash.
Wednesday- Heading to my hometown. To meet baby _________ (my sister has yet to decide on a name)
Thursday- Hometown (W or Th I will do a 20 minute workout, thank you Jillian Michaels.) She kicks my butt everytime!
Friday- Back to work, no work out. Babysitting again after work.
Saturday- Day off to relax.

Have a great Monday!

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  1. i'm sooooo proud of you!!! <3 keep it going! :)